Who are we?

The Dutch Flat Oyster Consortium consists of Wageningen Marine Research, Bureau Waardenburg and Sas Consultancy. Together, we have collated a broad knowledge base for flat oyster restoration in the North Sea and its surrounding estuaries. This consists of:

  • Hands-on experience with flat oyster restoration projects and surveys in the North Sea nearshore and offshore area (see our projects).
  • Analysis of historical data, on flat oyster beds which once existed in the North Sea area, and the reasons for their large-scale disappearance.
  • Experiences of other restoration attempts, in Europe, USA and Australia, exchanged through our international network.
  • Knowledge of shellfish biology and ecology.

De main funders of oysterprojects are:
– Ark Nature
– Programma Rijke Waddenzee
– Ministry LNV

In addition to funding WWF and ARK play an active role in collaborative knowledge development.

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